Alexia Backhouse

Entrepreneur, Author

Children's Nutrition Therapist



Alexia Backhouse grew up in London in a school of positivity and yes you can! She learnt to read by going to the market and reading the signs, counting by making cakes with mummy, cutting them with daddy .. and tasting them with her sister! Cooking, it's her passion. Alexia had an off the beaten track journey; during her high school years she organized events in prestigious nightclubs, then her Bac L in her pocket, she pursued studies at the Hotel Management Center in Paris in order to obtain a Bachelor in hotel and luxury  management. She landed an internship as the first barmaid at the prestigious bar 228 of the Parisian palace Le Meurice, then became assistant to the operations director of Alain Ducasse. She is offered to go to Russia for a six-month operational internship, but Alexia is different, she wants to create her own business ... now. She becomes governess of a little boy, this will be the trampoline Thanks to this mission she creates her first company in parallel with her studies: "superwoman cuisine". The concept : cooking clubs  to learn English, but it was  too avant garde, she therefore closed this company and concentrated  on the development of a catering activity "L'Epicerie by Backhouse" which grew and grew weddings, birthdays, delicatessen, its 100% artisanal and tailor-made concept appeals to businesses and individuals. Always fed by the thirst for challenges and experiences, she takes on the position of a Nursery English teacher which makes her vibrate and will be decisive in her decision…  children, she adores them! In the climate of society, a few years later she decided to retry the concept of her cooking workshops to learn English while cooking, and there, blatant success, the workshops were full! Cooking Club by Backhouse is born!


The more cooking club grows,the more the "success stories" towards the food pathologies faced by some of her little cooks progress and get better and better ... There is something in this way of approaching food that "helps and soothes "children. To go further in this great adventure Alexia graduates with  a degree in Nutrition for Children in order to support children and families even further in their diet and facing any challenge they may meet in a cheerful, stress-free, guilt-free atmosphere, filled positive and "yes we can!" ; THE credo that she transmits to her Little Chefs and to her team .