Little Chefs - Junior Chefs 

Cooking Club  By Backhouse


THE development of self-confidence through kindness is the greatest value of Cooking Club by Backhouse. We care about children and their well-being, and make  Cooking Club a happy, stress-free place where every child is considered and listened to. We take great care in knowing each child and helping them understand and manage each step of each recipe, allowing them to develop their self-confidence. "LOOK WHAT I MADE! "

  • We encourage children to have the confidence to learn and share.

  • We encourage each child to register, regardless of the learning difficulties they encounter.

  • We believe that cooking is a new treatment for many  problems that children may face; Cooking Club by Backhouse is proud to be able to point out amazing success rates with children suffering from digestive problems and foodphobia, these children develop the love and curiosity necessary to taste all the ingredients.

  • We firmly believe that learning a new language through fun and a challenging activity is the best way to learn.

Despite our avant-garde approach to learning, our little chefs are all capable of understanding simple sentences and instructions, counting, singing and having a simple conversation in one year.

Learning a new language can be a source of anxiety for some children, feeling in failure or loss of confidence by not understanding, but juxtaposed with cooking, watch them say "look what I made!" »Learning English is a source of joy and provides a feeling of self-confidence! I can do it !


Cooking is a skill for life, which teaches you not only how to make wonderful pastries, but also the power to take care of others by sharing. Cooking Club is a positive environment in which each person is respected and cared for and where we form a team. Transparent communication with families is essential to the smooth running of the workshops.


Goals :

- Believe YES WE CAN * "YES WE CAN"

- The power of sharing and training

- The joy of being part of a team

- Embrace the discovery of new tastes

- Tasting of the difference between sweet, sour…

- Develop the joy of learning

- Develop the standard of being in a bilingual environment

- Help children understand numbers, words and communication

- Encourage children to communicate in English and to progress

- Development of fine and global motor skills

- Develop the learning of English