Little Chefs - Junior Chefs




Little Chefs by Backhouse was born from the fusion of Alexia's two passions: cooking and children.

Native English from London, and the proposed English workshops seem less captivating for children, Alexia decides to create her own workshops to learn English without realizing it ... while cooking! Based on the IMMERSIF learning culture, these workshops are then open to non-bilinguals and bilinguals in an atmosphere of total positivity.

"YES WE CAN" and the most absolute kindness , aspiring cooks are asking for more in English!


But cooking is not only learning to make an extremely delicious cake, it develops lifelong tools for your children: SELF-CONFIDENCE, PSYCOMOTRICITY, SOCIAL development, SPOTLIGHT IN SPACE, AUTONOMY, MUTUAL ASSISTANCE ... And much more!


The Package cooking club

  • Each child has his bowl and his utensils and makes himself each recipe that he brings home "look what I did!"

  • Each child receives his apron embroidered and personalized by the fairy hands of Delphine de Que-Can-je pour je?

  • Communication: after each workshop, we send parents a detailed recap of our week's session with the recipe in PDF and the word star

But also:

  • A Christmas party at Christmas where we welcome parents and brothers

  • A graduation party at the end of the year to applaud your cooks.


Price: from € 350 per semester per child


Meeting a great success Little Chefs by Backhouse opens more and more workshops each year welcoming children from 3 years old!


If you would like to offer this activity in your school or in your city, do not hesitate to contact us.