Qualified nutrition therapist, from babies to teenagers


Without judgment and without pressure, I am at your disposal to help you in the challenges encountered in the journey of your children and your family.

Life in this 2.0 world can sometimes, even often, be confusing and certainly overwhelming. Everything goes so quickly, and talk about the  Instagram syndrome  and the constant pressure to be perfect, an irreproachable human being .. but what about our child's diet when he refuses to eat anything other than red foods ? or on the contrary maybe he is a little too keen and we want to put him back on the right track to avoid mockery and assure him good health? Baby no longer eats and does not sleep through the night, so many concerns in which I can help you. A new baby arrives among siblings and  the food balance of the whole family goes bust .. how can you optimize your time, how can you ensure that the nutritional needs of each member of your family are met? Maybe his child has attention deficit disorder, we will see that eating can help your child focus and play a major role in success!

No more worries, don't pull your hair out at mealtimes. STOP. I'm here. Count on me to be the shoulder for you to rely on.



A therapy based on sessions with the parents but at the child's level. Each child is unique and deserves to be approached according to their own person, according to their areas of interest and to be given self-confidence.

Fun routes for the little ones, therapy based on play, each time adapted to the child's age.

For adolescents and pre-teens, an approach always handled with empathy, an attentive ear, and a core aim to boost their self-confidence.

Always be positive, always believe!



Absolutely passionate about children and cooking, after having opened cooking clubs for children focused on positive teaching and YES WE CAN! I followed my heart and decided to study Children's Nutrition in order to have a positive impact on the relationship of children and families to food and to spread and encourage happiness throughout meals with achievable goals.
Fascinated by classic food diversification and BABY LED WEANING, omnibulated by the so-called difficult eaters, captivated by the different food challenges faced by children and much more, it is by the absolute sense of vocation and of the belief that I can help make the moment of the meal, a big prism of the life, a moment of happiness, that I became a qualified Children's Nutrional therapist.


I firmly believe that there is not a solution for everyone, but a tailor-made solution. What works for a child and their family may not be suitable for your family at all. The most important values ​​in my work are caring, empathy, listening and being in real life. No, I will not tell you to go and pick rare berries in a berry bush in the heart of the Himalayas! Let's be honest, be nice to others but especially to yourself, you deserve something that works for YOU according to YOUR lifestyle.



I also help you optimize your time and guarantee everyone's needs. I create meal plans for the whole family, practical and efficient, suited to YOUR lifestyle, with the shopping list and all the delicious and fun recipes.

Dad is a carnivore, mum is vegan, baby suffers from colitis, and big sister only wants pasta. I help you organize yourself and restore harmony in a chaotic kitchen. 


Do not hesitate to contact me, yes we can!

06 71 51 06 44


Nutrition Pour Enfants, ISO, CFD, Brussels

Food a fact of Life,  Continued Professional Development (CPD), The British Nutrition Foundation, London

Feeding and Obesity, CPD, The British Nutrition Foundation, London


70 € Consultation from 45 minutes to 1 hour by video or at my Practice

100 € 1 hour consultation in your home in Paris (and petite et grande couronne), including transport

100 € Personalized Family Meal plan  with all the recipes and shopping list for the fortnight according to the needs of the whole family.

Although I am qualified and certified ISO I am not accredited for any reiumbursement from Social security. My therapy complements but in no way replaces your visits to your doctor.