Created in 2014, BY BACKHOUSE is the rooftop of missions that celebrate life!


Because we believe in the fact that life is a celebration and that we must take advantage of every moment, By Backhouse reflects this in all its poles to be creator of joy . Like a magic wand Your Wish Is My Command!


Because our passion is a combination of cooking and the wonder of children, we are determined to contribute to this thanks to COOKING CLUB BY BACKHOUSE, learning English by cooking, learning by having fun nothing better! YES WE CAN!


Because we are determined that life is precious and festive, we believe that the very emblem of life is the table, reflected in our artisanal catering pole and 100% tailor-made L'Epicerie by Backhouse, which contributes to indelible moments and memories , because it is such a great honor to see us entrusted with such events, we put our whole heart into it, because love is always the secret ingredient!


By Backhouse Events, high-end events for children, was born in 2018 and continues its quest to make children's dreams come true ... young and old!